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 Here are the current course handouts.  Please note: There is no evidence based protocol for treating caries.  I suggest reading JADA 2011;142(9) 1065-1071, for some of the most current science and expert opinion on the topic of medically managing tooth decay. Peace be with you, and "Go see Ghost Town..." -Brian


All of Dr. Novy's References

A Quick Look at What You Can Do in Your Office Today

An Article Written by Dr. Novy detailing the use of Glass Ionomer

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Wondering what Dr. Novy thinks about the "Xylitol for Adult Caries Trial" (XACT) reported in the January 2013 issue of JADA?  The study indicates a dose of 5 grams of xylitol delivered in lozenge form does not statistically decrease caries increment in adults.   The effective dose of xylitol is a minimum of 6 grams per day in at least three separate doses, and the preferred delivery method is chewing gum.  The XACT used a low dose (possible sub-therapeutic) and defined high risk adults as those having one restoration in the last year.  Therefore, the results are exactly what Dr. Novy would expect and further research will help explain how to best treat caries.  Fortunately the dental profession has more than xylitol in its anti-caries armamentarium, and systematic reviews will continue to shed light on how best to prevent new lesions in adults.  This disease is very complex and a few lozenges every day is probably not going to have profound effects.  The authors should be applauded for contributing to the science of cariology.